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Cashflow Is The End. RV Parks Are The Means.

There have never been more real estate investors in history than there are today. Each day, more and more investors flood into already crowded markets looking for the best deals on single family homes, short term rentals, duplexes, mobile home parks, and other commercial assets. 

As competition rises, prices rise too and most investors aren’t getting anywhere close to the returns they were getting even just a few short years ago. There’s one asset class that the big institutions aren’t involved in yet. There’s one asset class that even the savvy individual investors haven’t broken into. It’s an asset class that’s loaded with mom & pop owners that can’t wait to sell. 

That asset class is RV Parks.

I’m going to tell you why investing in RV Parks is the #1 most important thing you can do right now to create more cash flow and maximize the returns of your investment dollars. 

If after reading what I have to say, you’re interested in taking action, we’ll welcome your application to our Mastermind with open arms. If you determine RV Park investing isn’t for you, no worries – everyone’s path to success is different and I wish you the best. 

My path led me to $30M in assets under management with no outside capital or partners. 

I’m here to open my playbook to you and give you the tools and strategies you need to walk your path to success with RV Park  investing.

Heather Blankenship Real Estate Investing Simplified

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Heather Blankenship




RV Parks



Inside the Mastermind

The #1 source of truth in RV Parks and Glamping Investing.

10 hours of pre-recorded modules.

Your step by step program to find, evaluate, finance, operate, and scale.

13 weeks of live calls.

Hot seats, expert speakers, deal analysis, and any question you have answered live.

Community access.

Where RV Park and Glamping Investors come together to grow faster.

What You'll Learn

Maximize Deal Flow

Learn the strategies and tools you’ll need to reach motivated sellers and position yourself as a trusted buyer.

Secure Financing

Build the resources and connections you’ll need to secure a loan for your RV Parks.

Evaluate Opportunities

Access the workflow to seamlessly evaluate the financial opportunity for any RV Park

Complete Diligence

Get step by step insight into how to complete the due diligence process to avoid huge mistakes.

Structure the Deal

Learn how to creatively structure deals to maximize ROI and minimize risk.

Close, Operate, Scale

Learn how to profitability operate and scale a portfolio of RV Parks.

Course Outline

Apply Before It's Too Late

Using over a decade of experience Heather shares her tips and tricks for breaking into the industry. 

This course is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to scale and diversify your portfolio
  • Willing and able to buy a park in the next year
  • Build a scalable business

The ultimate goal of the RV Park and Glamping Mastermind is for you to leave equipped with the tools to successfully close on and operate a park within 1 year.

We will discuss the basics of the industry and uncover the untapped potential that exists in this asset class.

Walk through real life examples with a clearly detailed process for determining which deals to make offers on. Get an inside look at how the various aspects of the business come together to create a fair market value.

Heather will share her detailed process and walk you through everything you need to know to close your own deal. We will also provide you with a checklist.

Learn operations from top to bottom. From staffing, reservations, automations, and creating additional revenue streams – we will cover it all!

Many properties are still Mom and Pop operations which can make finding deals more difficult. Learn deal flow strategies and how to source deals in this unique asset class. 

We will discuss different funding options and Heather will provide insights into structuring your deals with sellers to minimize your cash outlay and maximize long term cashflow. 

The natural cashflow this asset class makes is great but we will explore how you can force appreciation with software systems, processes, and additional revenue streams  to increase cashflow and market value.

To wrap up the Mastermind Heather will work with everyone to ensure you have everything you need to purchase, operate, and scale a property. We might even have a few surprises in store!

Hear From Mastermind Alum

Dylan is a principal of The Requity Group and manages investor communications, oversees acquisitions. With 6 years of real estate investing experience he has been the lead sponsor or JV’d on $80m in transactions.

Sally is an expert in the tourism industry, specifically group tours, international tourism, and providing successful online programs. She loves helping destinations take action and become successful in this challenging industry.

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