Ready to Learn How to Invest in Glamping?

Our 2+ hour glamping investing course cuts out the fluff and gives you over 25 modules of actionable information that gives you a functional blueprint for launching, running, and scaling your own glamping resort.

$6 Billion Market Cap

The glamping market is currently worth $2B and is expected to grow to nearly $6B in the next few years.

Glamping Investing Course

50% of Camping Population

Nearly 50% of campers said that they were planning to switch from camping to a modernized glamping experience.

30% of All Leisure Travelers

In 2019, 30% of all leisure travelers in America had tried glamping and that number continues to climb year over year.

An Investors Dream

Highly Profitable

Glamping resorts sell an experience; incredible accommodations and an unforgettable experience. Guests will keep coming back. Glamping resorts are unique and give you the ability to charge higher than normal nightly rates.

Easily Scalable

Once you’ve mastered your guest experience with a few glamping units, scaling your resort is simple. Leveraging the operational efficiencies you’ll learn in the Glamping Investing Course will help you create a Glamping empire.

Low Entry Barriers

Unlike other asset classes, Glamping Resorts have a lower entry point making this asset class extremely accessible to anyone seeking incredible cashflow. Rather than investing in a single family home, start with a small glamping resort!

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Glamping Course

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  • 2 Hours of Content
  • 25+ Modules
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RV Parks & Glamping Bundle

$ 1147
  • RV Park & Campgrounds Course
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Course Outline

Get Started Before It's Too Late

Our glamping investing course is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Make better returns
  • Earn more cashflow
  • Invest passively
  • Build a scalable business
  • Diversify your portfolio


It took six different states to develop this course. It doesn’t matter what your background is or what asset class you have experience in Glamping isn’t a fad or a trend. 

From property type and zoning details to customer avatars and nearby attractions, this module will deliver a concrete outline for how to pick a high performing location for your new glamping resort.

The leading indicator of success in the glamping industry is the quality of your resort’s customer experience. In this extensive module, Heather shows you unreleased footage of countless glamping accommodations that you could set up at your own property as well as details on the manufacturers who provide these accommodations.

From check in and checkout to housekeeping and hiring, Heather takes you on site to one of her Glamping Resorts to show you behind the curtains of her highly profitable operation.

Beyond amenities and accommodations, your interior and exterior design can make or break a guest’s experience at your resort. In this module, Heather walks through matching your resort design to your customer avatar’s preferences and some great places to shop when it’s time to design your accommodations both inside and out.

Glampers come to your resort with high expectations so exceeding the expectations of your customer avatar is essential for growth. Our glamping investing course will teach you how to match your amenities to your customer in a profitable manner. 

While some of our students are looking to start their resort on a very small scale and keep it that way, most of our students are here to go big. In this module, Heather details her marketing strategy for driving occupancy rates at glamping resorts.

Recognizing that many investors who take this course are seeking passive opportunities, Heather curated this module to provide you with the tools you need to leverage software and dynamic pricing models to maximize your resort’s profitability with as little of your time as possible.

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