Gen Z Interest in Camping Remains Strong

Crossing the threshold into adulthood and entering the workforce, GenZ has far greater limits on their time and financial resources than most experienced campers. But those limitations haven’t stopped the generation from being one of the top-emerging demographics in the camping industry. Just as every industry scrutinizes the habits of its consumers and analyzes their preferences, camping is no exception.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, GenZ faced unique challenges that affected its ability to be outdoors. These challenges included limited income and commitments to both employment and school, greatly impacting GenZ’s ability to explore the outdoors. But what else do we know about this up-and-coming generation?

According to the North American Camping Report, GenZers are the most likely of all age groups to camp with friends as 43% of those surveyed claimed to camp with their peers. Biking is the most popular recreational activity among GenZers while camping, but when compared to millennials, they tend to be less active. Interestingly enough, only 13% of GenZers showed interest in high-speed Wi-Fi while camping.

All in all, GenZers are far less likely to increase their camping trips in the year ahead when compared to other demographics. They are also less likely to go RVing and work remotely while camping, both of which could be attributed to their age. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually everyone across all industries, GenZ’s travel plans in 2021 won’t be too off-skew as 42% claim that access to vaccines will have no effect on their travel plans.

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