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The State of Camping

In 2020 the camping industry saw an increase of over 6 million camping households, according to the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) 2021 North American Camping Report. This spike in camping households over the last year can be partly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic as families sought an escape from reality and a safe way to travel. In fact, the RV Industry Association predicts a 19.5% increase in RV sales for 2021. Although the pandemic contributed to the spike in camping’s popularity, the enthusiasm for the hobby has been on the rise pre-covid. So, if it’s not just a specific response to the pandemic, what else is causing this increase in demand for the outdoor experience? In other words, why do people camp? 

Consumers certainly place a lot of stock in family time as 27% of people list “family vacation time” as their reason for camping, according to Campspot’s 2021 State of Camping report. The same report also noted that 25% of people camp because of the relaxation that is derived from experiencing the outdoors. As we come up from the depths of the pandemic, it’s feasible to think that some consumers would be wary of travel but Campspot found the contrary. In fact, 80% of people said they are looking forward to vacation in 2021, but what does this mean for the industry? 

Almost 45% of those considering camping say they are more likely to go camping this year because they think it’s a safer alternative than staying at a hotel or indoor travel. Yet, shielding themselves from COVID-19 is not their only motivation. Nearly 40% of those considering a camping trip indicate that missing nature is their top reason for camping. 

So what does this information tell us? It demonstrates that the simple ways of camping intertwine to provide consumers a place of relation and opportunity to connect with each other and nature. All of the aforementioned information indicates a strong, healthy future for the

industry. So, why not get started and learn more about the industry as soon as you can? 

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