Why Are People Camping?

With an increase of over 6 million camping households last year, camping has never been more popular, according to the Kampgrounds of America 2021 North American Camping Report. Although this may appear to be a trend that will die down, the enthusiasm towards camping is anything but a new phenomenon as it’s popularity was gaining traction long before the COVID-19 Pandemic. So if the 6 million new camping households are not a particular response to the pandemic, why are people camping?

Well, according to the 2021 CampSpot State of Camping report 27% of consumers listed “family vacation time” as their reason for camping. But quality time with loved ones isn’t the only reason for the recent surge in campers as 25% claim the sense of  relaxation they derive from being outdoors motivated them to camp. 

Although the pandemic isn’t necessarily the primary reason for the increase in camping households, it certainly plays a role. 45% of those considering camping state that they are more likely to go camping this year because it is safer than staying at a hotel or indoor travel. But safety isn’t the only motivation for campers. Almost 40% of those considering a camping trip indicate that “missing nature” is their top reason for camping.

Whether it’s searching for the perfect scenic spot, truly being one-on-one with nature, or being together with family, campers seem to be more eager than ever to get out and explore.

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