Rving is Insteps of Camping

The unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic fostered an unrelenting need for nostalgia and exploration. The desire to connect with each other, the outdoors, and a simpler time during one of the most complex is what drove this major increase in camping over the last year. 

In fact, according to the North American Camping Report, the number of households that identify as campers increased by 3.9 million. What better way to serve your need for connection than sitting by a campfire with your friends and family? 

A simple fact for you: the camping industry is absolutely booming. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the pastime or just tried it for the first time, pitching a tent or RVing remains one of the United States’ favorite ways to explore and travel the world. In a time of uncertainty around the world, camping’s popularity has skyrocketed. 

Camping is becoming more modern than ever before as technology continues to contribute to the industry’s growth. With an increasingly large number of people having the option to work and attend classes virtually in ways they couldn’t before, the freedom to be productive whenever from wherever is in high demand. This demand results in campgrounds constantly evolving to deliver amenities of the highest quality, thus increasing the length of stay as well as overall satisfaction and interest in the industry. 

Camping provides families with an affordable and safe way to travel with leisure. According to the North American Camping Report, more than half of first-time campers claim their reason for their camping trip in 2020 was directly tied to their concerns surrounding the pandemic. As we ease out of the COVID-19 era slowly but surely, many of those campers who tried camping for the first time in 2020 are likely to return in 2021.

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