RV Owners Making Upgrades

Citing the rising interest in RVing year after year, owner’s intent to upgrade or replace their existing RV is extremely high. Interestingly enough, this trend is seen across not only experienced RVers, but RVers that are just starting to dip their toes into the nomadic lifestyle.

Of current RV owners, about six in ten claim they plan to make an upgrade or replace their current RV, although one in five owners are unsure of the changes they want to make. According to the 2021 Campgrounds of America Report, one fourth of owners plan to upgrade their RV this year.

New RV owners are twice as likely as experienced RV owners to want an upgrade this year and perhaps most notably, one fourth want to sell their RV.

The same report also stated that RVers with children-whether a couple or a single parent-are more likely to want an RV upgrade. This strongly reflects how the presence of children impacts RV preferences. RVers with children are the most likely to want a bigger RV or make some sort of change due to lingering concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among RV owners who plan to make a change this year, one third want a bigger RV while about 30% want an RV with more and or better amenities.  About 32% of RVers plan to move to a bigger RV and 28% plan to find an RV with better amenities while 24% want to upgrade their current RV.

As the interest in RVing continues to rise, we can plan to see more and more new RV households in the coming years.

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